Mouse Monopoly

In this episode, we go through the Comcast/Disney buying Fox deal. The current status, what it means for Marvel, and the issues compounded with net neutrality.

Whoever wins gets the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Family Guy, American Horror Story, the Simpsons and more.

Plus our idea for a Hawkeye movie in the style of John Wick and our thoughts on Ocean’s 8, Solo, The Disaster Artist, and the Star Wars movies being made by the Game of Thrones creators.

Red M&Ms

Guest: Lozo Flores from the Life of Lozo and Hacking Your Leadership podcasts.

Lozo Flores, has his hand in everything. Hip-hop, trash talk, leadership insight, life experiences, etc. This man does whatever he sets his mind to. We talk RoseFest, writing a book, missing classic rap beef, and how he balances all his projects.

Listen to and follow Lozo at the Life of Lozo Podcast and the Hacking Your Leadership podcast.



RoseFest 2018 was a night to remember. The music scene in Orlando was shining bright at this event. 

The Pusha-T/Drake battle over the weekend is a strong representation of trendy entertainment and strategy.

Plus, WestWorld is winning the second season. It's action, world, and deeper themes are blowing up.


Charlamagne tha Gone?


Charlamagne tha Gone?

We Charlamagne'd each other discussing if CtheGod is on his way out of relevance. Is he still 100% relevant and adapting to the culture? Or is he commenting on a new generation of artists and entertainment that is too new for him?

The new generation loves Lil Pump, 6ix9ine, Lil Xan, etc. Charlamagne is part of the classic generation. Is the door revolving?

Plus, our thoughts on the Netflix Marvel Universe, Keanu Reeves new movies, Fast and the Furious being a cinematic universe or a franchise, and more theories on Infinity War!

Oh Snap


We walked into Infinity War with such excitement and anticipation. We walked out battered and uncomfortable. Here's our fallout discussion on Infinity War.

Plus, what the hell is going on with Kanye?


J. Cole's new album 'KOD' has us feeling grown but in a great way. 

We're putting on an event in May with some dope talent, Infinity War is this weekend - we're amped and anxious, and we're on board the Venom train.

Did you watch the Venom prequel movie that released in 2017? 

Plus Smokechella in Orlando (on 4/20) was better than any holiday party we've ever been to. 

Lost In Place

Celebrating 1700 listens! Thank you for giving a damn and actually listening to us nerd out!

It's been a busy April - we're planning a big event, counting down the minutes until Infinity War, and taking in all the content we can so we can share it with you.

This episode we dive into Netflix's Lost In Space, an impressive remake of the 1965 show. Also, how Rampage might break the video game movie curse - which led to the argument of why people can't get passed the movie versions of their favorite books, comics, and video games.

Plus, we salute to J. Cole for releasing music that HE wants to make without letting politics and business get in the way.

Not My Preference

Those crappy shows, movies, and music you listen to, yeah well, they're not my preference. 

Jay-Z beefing with a cop 20 minutes away from Orlando led to a conversation about having much more consideration for others when one on-the-job mess up could be disaster. 

Also, when you're so great in your field like Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, George Clooney - you can just do whatever you want to do, no pressure.

Home of the Brave

America - home of the brave and at times - of the dumbasses.

This great nation has given us classics like Back to the Future, the Purple Tape, Tupac, Frank Sinatra, Halo but then it gives us people that do such stupidity that they harm others.

This episode is dedicated to all of the above.

The Shows That Made Us

This episode is much more lighthearted, fun, and nerdy.

We dove right back into nerd news with upcoming movies and seasons of shows. Who's going to die in Infinity War? Agent Coulson is finally back - officially. Sky's excited about West World....and Santa Clarita Diet. Vic shares his love for the Power Rangers universe.

Plus -

Why you should watch "The Toys That Made Us" on Netflix. It made us appreciate Barbie and one of us thought it made the G.I. Joe movies better. Also, should the Rock be the Rock in every Rock movie? Yeah. 

Did you catch James Bond in Star Wars?

No Discounts

Absolutely no discounts - things get tense this week. 

What Katy Perry did was wrong, why isn't anyone talking about it? Ever wondered what a director feels after their movie release? How much does bootlegging/leaking take away from the full experience of a movie? 

Vic goes in about breaking boundaries and not following the "rules". Sky goes in on why nothing should be discounted and why it's rude to ask mom and pop businesses for one.

Cognac & Roses

Cognac & Roses - our first guest ever stops by to give us all of the details behind his long-awaited project. Sky's knowledge of audio production and song composition shines bright while Vic shares his inside perspective since he worked on this project as well.This episode taught us a lot - about Cognac & Roses - but also challenged our equipment, our quality, and our recording space. We upgraded much more since then. This episode was recorded in January 2018.

Small vs. Silver


Small Screen vs. Silver Screen - we upgraded the quality and dove right into the new age of superheroes on the small screen and why they may be doing a better job than the movies playing on the silver screen. TV wise, Netflix is winning in the superhero tv arena but Arrow/Flash is winning in DC. Sky swears DC could have been better with one-off movies instead of a cinematic universe. Vic swears Marvel does it right. Plus small wedding talk then right back to the comic nerdiness with a pitch for the best Batman movie idea ever.

Bad Apples

Our first argument... our government forces us to put our kids into school but they aren't safe. We marinate on Chris Rock's Tamborine special that had more life lessons than jokes. Black Panther is officially one of the top 10 movies of all time. Chase your dreams but be realistic. Creation time to Consumption rate is crazy unbalanced. Do it for the passion instead of the likes.