Is assimilation racist?, Elon Musk’s goal of moving to Mars, The next 10 years of Marvel movies

Is assimilation racist? Elon Musk’s wants humans to live on Mars. Are the next 10 years of Marvel movies set? Vic recaps his Mardi Gras weekend, Sky rants about better uses for our tax money, being an independent artist is going mainstream, school tools are evolving but the curriculum still sucks. We discuss how Elon Musk is accomplishing what NASA couldn't, our fear with Disney owning Deadpool, how the MCU has their next 10 years of movies on a silver platter, and how Justice League should have been like Ocean's Eleven. Enjoy.

Just a generation behind, Tech elevates the Hustle, Creativity comes from struggle

Motivation level 100 - That neighbor with the pool is just a generation ahead of yours, stop comparing yourself to actors and reality stars - thats unrealistic, stop making excuses because technology is making the hustle easier, what does success mean to you?

Plus we revisit Jurassic World, the Flash, Jay-Z's Brunch and Beef, and DJ Khaled's Orlando background.

Making the Hall of Presidents, a Grand Theft Auto show, and the natural need to commit crime


Our Best Episode Yet! The Dope Hosts dive into the ton of detail that goes into Disney's Hall of Presidents, New Year's Eve getting quieter, was Jumanji good?, continue the Batman vs Superman argument, the issue of comparing Black Lightning to Luke Cage, pitch a Grand Theft Auto show, then go down a rabbit hole into the urges of a murderer and the natural need to commit a crime.

The Pizza Analogy, Most embarrassing moments, Decisions - what they lead to and regrets.

WTF is the Pizza Analogy? With an intensive conversation on sex dolls, the Purple Tape, our most embarrassing moments, what we hate about underground artists showcases, and agree that Once Upon a Time and Gotham are the same show. Plus a side dive into how the world would deal with the Second Coming, the issues with time travel, and how simple decisions could lead to regret.